Spring-Summer photoshoot

Spring-Summer photoshoot in the studio of Pepper+Tom with Djoeke, Kirsten, Libby and Claudia. We know Djoeke as a fabulous food designer. Here you see her as the model, what a natural beauty she is. Djoeke is showing the skirts with so much flair and enthusiasm! Kirsten and Libby, both designer accounted for the photo’s, with professional attitude; hurray! Thanks to Petra the tailor, who delivered all the skirts perfectly on time. Very grateful to Mary, the owner of UNFOLD, for supplying the terrific tops and sporty shoes! It was a productive and joyful working session together. 

Design process skirts

Testing the designs with focus groups in Delft (The Netherlands) and Martha's Vineyard (USA) gives valuable information about what women want. What are they looking for? What is hard to find in their favourite fashion stores? How do they want to wear? In which combination? What different per season? And what are occasions that direct their choice?

Pepper+Tom feels privileged to work with a professional group of women in the focus groups.

Design process scarves

“I love the way the leaves of ferns unfold and stand out proudly, just like the leaves of the fig, lotus, and the baobab. These leaves form the basics, together with the typography, of the shawls”. “I associate leaves with security, playing for hours in the forests during my childhood. In the distant past the roof of foliage gave us the natural protection we needed. The shawls have, just like the roof of foliage, a protective function: they provide a second skin.” | Claudia Mens |

The letters on the shawl deliver a message to the receiver. The typography and the ornaments boost each other and give the shawl a strong image.