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Where do clothing and fabrics come from? Who made them and under what circumstances? Often there is no answer to these questions, even when asking them in expensive stores.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wear clothes where it is clear who made them? Where the conditions of fabrication are good and the trade is fair?  

Pepper+Tom wants that, sharing experience, collaborating with partners in the clothing chain, who think and act the same way. To make the production, resources and materials traceable for every garment. Pepper+Tom supports the idea of ‘true cost’ and ‘slow fashion’, adding to the pleasure of wearing the clothes.


Pepper+Tom skirts are perfect basic items that should not be missing in your wardrobe. They are designed in various sizes, different lengths and delicately finished with a colored zipper. The skirts are made from sustainable fabrics. Semi couture by a Dutch Atelier. 

Confident women accentuate their individuality with their outfit.
Cowboy boots under a fashionable skirt. High heals under a loose dress or pants. They combine stylish and tough. They choose for comfort above catwalk, appreciating beautiful and well-made garments. They opt for Pepper+Tom.

Quote’s by Pepper+Tom customers:
‘It’s a simple style, good model, clear!’
‘I can wear it all day, all night, everywhere’
‘Very flattering to many figure types’
Pepper+Tom would like to say to all women:
‘Just keep dancing!’


The scarves are the result of many peoples’ work and creativity from rural Bangladesh to the cities of the Netherlands and the shores of the United States.

Beautiful women of Bangladesh embroider the scarves by using the traditional Nakshi Kantha technique. The silk of the scarves is made of the best quality, Rajshahi Silk. The fabric is embossed in a workplace in Dhaka and embroidered in Dinajpur, a poor region in the northwest of Bangladesh.

All under supervision of Kumudini Welfare Trust of Bengal. This NGO is part of the World Fair Trade Forum and Ecota Fair Trade Forum. In 2008 they received the Award of Excellence for Handicrafts South Asia from Unesco.

Under the name of Generous Gesture, the scarves have won a Bronze Award for the European Design Award 2010 in the category ‘Self Initiated Projects’

Generous Gesture has been nominated for the German Design Award 2012.

Pepper+Tom clothes are sold by:

Unfold | Markt 27 | 2611GP Delft | The Netherlands | Telephone +31 15 214 11 51 | E-mail | Site

Brickyard | 19 Main Street | Vineyard Haven | United States | Telephone +1 508 338 2178 |  Site